Frequently Asked Questions

What should I know about changing phone system providers?

  1. Add Frase Wireless service, which enables your system to send alarm signals instantly without the need of a landline phone. Non-traditional phone lines are far less reliable for alarm communication.
  2. Tell the phone company that you have a security system.
  3. Test your security system BEFORE and AFTER the phone technician performs his work to ensure the system can still send alarm signals to our monitoring center.

How do I know my alarm system is working?

Your alarm system automatically sends us a weekly test. The Electronic Security Association recommends you test your alarm system at least monthly.

How do I arm and disarm my alarm system?

We are happy to answer questions about the use of your system. Please call our office during normal business hours at 901-755-1800. Our technical team is ready to help.

If your security system keypad looks like the picture below:


Please check out the following video to learn the basic functions of your system.

If you have a Frase security system with a touch-screen keypad:


Please refer to the following video for a basic tutorial:

What is the direct phone number to the monitoring center?

You can reach Frase’s 24-hour monitoring center by calling (901) 382-6996.

I hear a beeping sound, is it coming from the alarm?

The alarm keypad will beep to alert you of a system message. When the keypad beeps, the message will display the status of the system. Please note: there are thousands of electronic devices that make beeping sounds. Some of the most common beeping devices are as follows:

  • Battery operated smoke detector
  • Battery operated CO detector
  • Toys
  • Cell phones
  • Dishwasher
  • Exercise equipment, such as exercise bike & treadmill
  • Hearing aide
  • Self cleaning oven
  • Car alarm remote
  • Cordless phone

Do I need to change the batteries in my smoke detectors?

The smoke detectors attached to the alarm system do not have individual batteries. They are connected to the power source of the security system at the main control panel.

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