Securing Your Outdoor Space: Five Essential Elements

As summer approaches, the days grow longer and the outdoor spaces of our homes start buzzing with activities. From cookouts to evening parties, our focus shifts outside. While these occasions bring joy and relaxation, they also call for heightened vigilance. This season, unfortunately, is a prime time for burglars. Unlocked windows, open doors and garages, and extended vacation absences can present tempting opportunities for unwanted visitors.

As Frase Protection, we understand that outdoor security is your home’s first line of defense. We want to make sure that your security measures deter intruders at first glance. Therefore, we’re pleased to share with you our five outdoor security essentials. Our aim is to ensure that you enjoy the warm weather, worry-free.

1. Smart Security Cameras: Knowledge is Power

Our smart security cameras are more than your average monitoring devices. Not only do they notify you of the activity outside, but they can also distinguish between an animal, person, or vehicle. With customizable video alerts, you get to see what matters without the clutter of everyday, inconsequential activity.

These cameras do more than just record; they send a clear message to visitors that your home is protected by a smart security system, a detail that can dissuade most potential intruders.

2. Smart Lighting: Illumination and Deterrence

Intruders prefer to operate under the cover of darkness. With our automated outdoor lighting, activated by image sensors or security cameras, we ensure that unwanted visitors have no place to hide. If you’re going on vacation, you can set up a smart lighting schedule, giving the impression of an occupied home even when you’re away.

3. Contact Sensors: The Silent Guardians

With our wireless contact sensors installed on doors or windows, you can get alerted to break-ins, reminded to lock up at night, and even notified when your children decide to sneak out. Especially during summer breaks, these sensors are invaluable for ensuring child safety, helping you monitor access to pools, yard gates, tool sheds, and other potentially hazardous areas.

4. Doorbell Camera: Front Porch Security

Our doorbell camera is a simple yet highly effective way to deter package thieves and uninvited guests. Its motion-triggered video alerts, live video feed, and two-way voice features enable you to see and speak to visitors from anywhere, whether or not they ring the bell.

5. Smart Garage Door Opener: Safety for Your Tools and Equipment

Summer activities often involve using outdoor equipment stored in garages. Our smart garage door opener prevents you from accidentally leaving your garage door open, protecting your belongings. If you do leave with the garage door still open, our Geo-Services technology sends you a reminder. You can then secure your garage with just a tap on your phone.

Incorporating these five essentials into your outdoor security measures with Frase Protection is a straightforward process. Our service providers can swiftly equip your home with state-of-the-art features, professional monitoring for emergencies, and a single smartphone app for control. We work with some of the biggest home security brands and local smart home security experts, offering a fully professional installation.

Ensure your peace of mind this summer and enjoy your outdoor space worry-free. Let’s work together to secure your home. Get started with us today: schedule an appointment and free quote now!