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Dear friends,

This summer you can expect to see salesmen going door-to-door in neighborhoods selling various home services including home security services.  There is nothing wrong with this type of sales practice. However, many of the individual sales people are under tremendous pressure to close a sale on the spot, and some resort to pressure sales tactics.  For example, he might say “I’m from the alarm company, and I’m here to upgrade your system.” Or “your neighbor, Mrs. Smith, said you should consider this service.”

What to do:
1. Ask to see the license and proof of insurance for the service provider.
2. Wait 24 hours to make any decision for home services, especially services that involve long-term contracts.
3. Do some very basic research. Visit or for unbiased reviews and ratings of service providers.
4. Ask for references. Speak to 2 or 3 different customers who have used the service provider for over a year.

Frase Protection offers the latest technologies in home security and interactive services, including smartphone apps, cameras, and thermostat and lighting control. We have proudly served the greater Memphis area for over 40 years. Please check out our website,, for the latest offerings. Call 755-1800 for a home security review or to see the latest home security technologies.

Truly yours,

Jonathan Frase

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Frase Protection has been both my home and office security since 1980. I have always had the best service from everyone at Frase throughout these 39 years. They are prompt, courteous, friendly and professional. They have always had solutions for every situation that has arisen. I trust them with my safety and my life. A million thanks to these fine professionals.
J. Philip Wiygul
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