How To Keep Your Backyard Safe Frase Protection Memphis

How To Keep Your Backyard Safe

Smart Home Security System Buying Guide We should all feel safe and secure in our homes. But how many of us put much thought into securing our backyard? Your backyard is a special place where you create treasured family memories. It’s also a place where you store many valuables: bikes, patio furniture, lawn equipment, and more. It should be just …

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Smart Home Security System Buying Guide

Smart Home Security System Buying GuideWhat You’ll Get, The Cost, and How to Buy Are you considering investing in a smart home security system? Are you shopping around, getting a quote, and wondering what makes the best choice out there? There are a ton of choices out there when it comes to smart home security and you want to …

4 Warning Signs Your Business Security System Needs An Upgrade Frase Protection Memphis

4 Warning Signs Your Business Security System Needs An Upgrade

6 Smart Ways to Keep Your Neighborhood Safer The speed at which technology advances is staggering, and for the most part, that’s a beautiful thing. But when it comes to your business security, it also means that your once state-of-the-art security system may fall behind in terms of capability and effectiveness. It’s important to keep your business protected against criminals …

6 Smart Ways to Keep Your Neighborhood Safer Frase Protection Memphis

6 Smart Ways to Keep Your Neighborhood Safer

6 Smart Ways to Keep Your Neighborhood Safer There used to be a time when members of a community felt comfortable leaving their doors and windows unlocked. Times have changed, and although there are still plenty of trustworthy people in the world, criminals are commonplace. Taking the proper precautions to protect your home from crime is a necessary part of …

Check Your Smoke Detector Right Now Frase Protection Memphis, TN

Check Your Smoke Detector NOW

Why You Want to Check Your Smoke Detector Right NOW ! You wouldn’t think to leave your doors unlocked. You probably make sure to close your garage door during the evening and set your alarm system. However, there’s something else just as important to your home’s security. A smoke detector. These devices are critical to help protect your home against …

security system benefits for retail Frase Protection Memphis, TN

5 Benefits Of Security Systems For Retail

5 Security System Benefits For Retail Businesses That Make Good Business Sense If you’re running a retail business, you probably work hard to keep your finances in order to maximize your margins. In today’s climate, you can’t afford to waste time, money, or inventory. Installing security cameras may seem like a questionable investment at first. However, the security system benefits …

Power Outage Alerts Frase Protection

Keeping Safe During Power Outage

4 Smart Steps to Keep Your Home Safe During a Power Outage You’ve had a professional security system installed in your home. You’re enjoying the peace of mind that comes with having home security. Then a terrible thought strikes you. What if the power goes out? What happens to your alarm system? Many homeowners worry about burglary during power outages, …

Jonathan Frase Salvation Army Donation Lets Feed Memphis Together

Help Us Feed Memphis

Looking to support local restaurants and provide meals to those in need? Join us in supporting The Salvation Army Memphis and local restaurants. We’re matching the first $10,000 donated.

Frase COVID-19

How To Keep Safe During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Simple Steps to Keep Safe During the COVID-19 Outbreak From day one, Frase Protection has been committed to keeping you, your teams and your loved ones safe. And never has that been more important than right now. We’re carefully monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak so we can best serve and protect our customers, our staff and our community as a whole. …

Fake Security Signs Memphis, TN Frase Protection

Do Fake Security Signs Work?

Do Fake security signs work? Depends On What Gamble You’re Willing To Take Imagine this, you’re in the market for a new security system. You’ve spent some time browsing online at an overwhelming variety of choices – all of them with a common trait: they’ll cost you money. Then, one day, while walking down the aisle of your neighborhood hardware …