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Help Us Feed Memphis

Looking to support local restaurants and provide meals to those in need? Join us in supporting The Salvation Army Memphis and local restaurants. We’re matching the first $10,000 donated.

Frase COVID-19

How To Keep Safe During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Simple Steps to Keep Safe During the COVID-19 Outbreak From day one, Frase Protection has been committed to keeping you, your teams and your loved ones safe. And never has that been more important than right now. We’re carefully monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak so we can best serve and protect our customers, our staff and our community as a whole. …

Fake Security Signs Memphis, TN Frase Protection

Do Fake Security Signs Work?

Do Fake security signs work? Depends On What Gamble You’re Willing To Take Imagine this, you’re in the market for a new security system. You’ve spent some time browsing online at an overwhelming variety of choices – all of them with a common trait: they’ll cost you money. Then, one day, while walking down the aisle of your neighborhood hardware …

Home Security Checklist Frase Protection

Your Home Security System Checklist

Your answers to these questions will help determine the specific features you desire in a security system. For example, do you want a nanny cam for the kids or sensors to monitor for leaky pipes? Remember that security systems do more than just keep out intruders – they can also be used to communicate with your little ones getting home …

Front Porch Package Delivery Frase Protection

Package Theft Tips

By 2021, 2.14 billion people will be buying products online. Today, it’s the norm — and that means, at countless households around the globe, unattended boxes, bags and envelopes are left sitting in plain view for hours or even days. And that can be tempting for “front porch” thieves. That said, you can improve the security at your front door, …

Halloween Safety Tips Frase Protection

How to Keep Kids Safe on Halloween…Without Ruining the Fun

How to Keep Kids Safe on Halloween…Without Ruining the Fun Halloween time brings tons of excitement as children prepare to dress up as their favorite character and consume unnatural amounts of candy. While there is lots of fun to be had, there are also a handful of potential hazards this night can bring– but that doesn’t mean that you should …

Fall Security Tips

Fall Security Tips

4 Security Tips to Keep Your Home Safe This Fall Fall is an ideal time to reassess your home security—both inside and out. While many associate summer with break-ins and disturbances—people are on vacation, homes are vacant and weather tends to be warmers and drier—fall also comes with a host of unique challenges homeowners need to consider and prepare for. …

Outdoor Home Security Essentials

Outdoor Home Security Essentials

For many homeowners, indoor security is a must. By safeguarding their home from intruders, indoor home security keeps your most valuable possessions — family, loved ones and pets included. While indoor security is important, be sure you aren’t ignoring outdoor home security — too often, homeowners drill down on what’s inside without considering the risk that’s outside. Intruders, naturally, start …

Frase Reasons You Need A Doorbell Camera Alarm

4 Benefits of Having a Doorbell Camera

A doorbell camera is the definition of “small but mighty.” Discrete and highly targeted, this camera not only lets you see who’s at the door, but can also give you a peek at who’s approaching your property. From a safety perspective, that’s a win—it’s also a win if you simply want to avoid the door-to-door salesmen who just won’t stop …

Reasons You Need A Home Security System

Home Security System Reasons

Many top-rated home security systems do more than keep people out. They can also include tools to help keep you safe. These include sensors that can detect increases in temperature or the presence of smoke. Alerting you and the authorities of a risk of fire like this is critically important to saving your life. Even more importantly, the option is …