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Find out today why Frase Protection is the trusted small to medium-sized business security solution in the Memphis area.
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Our Proactive Monitoring Technology

You have worked too hard and come too far to let a security threat deter your business. Protect your valuable investments when you partner with Frase Protection.

Benefits of partnering with Frase Protection, include:

  • All-in-one security protection. Simplify your security system with just one Frase app where you can see everything in one place, at one time.
  • Scalable security solutions. As your small business grows and your security needs evolve, Frase Protection grows with you.
  • Easy, hassle-free installation. Count on the professional team at Frase to get your security solution up and running. What’s more, there’s no software for you to manage, and your system will automatically update on its own to help keep your small business secure around the clock.

Simple Investigations

Get to the bottom of what’s happening at your business with activity searches. Dig deeper into events or trends by pulling video clips and user logs when you need them.

Detect Unusual Activity and Take Action

Frase Protection’s learning algorithm works to monitor your daily operations and identifies any activity that is out of the ordinary. You can also set up Unexpected Activity alerts to ensure you are the first to know when something unusual happens. This allows you to take action immediately and help prevent a costly disaster.

Activity Alerts

Be the first to know if one of your business locations are opening late or closing early, and any other unusual activity, and who was responsible. You can also set up additional alerts for power outages, when a door is left open, and when your system was disarmed at an unusual time.
Notifications Frase Protection Business Security

Operational Reporting

Frase Protection also provides business activity reports with actionable intelligence to inform you about peak traffic times, alarm issues, and property activity. You can automate reports to be emailed to managers or generate reports instantly on-demand from your desktop or the Frase app.
Activity Reports Frase Protection Business Security

Intrusion Protection

Arm and disarm your system, cancel false alarms, and manage employee user codes from one simple interface.

Video Survellience

View live and recorded video and share footage as simply as sending a text message.

Access Control

No more time spent worrying about keys being lost and stolen and making copies of keys endlessly. Let your phone become the key to unlock and lock your business no matter where you are.

Energy Management

Control your thermostats from the Frase app and receive notifications and alerts when temperatures are out of flux or abnormal.

Ready To Make Your Business More Secure?

Start protecting your business and your peace of mind with Frase Protection for business. Contact us today, and let’s develop a custom security solution.
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