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Why You Want to Check Your Smoke Detector Right NOW !

You wouldn’t think to leave your doors unlocked. You probably make sure to close your garage door during the evening and set your alarm system. However, there’s something else just as important to your home’s security. A smoke detector. These devices are critical to help protect your home against fires. Having this warning system in place can save lives.

What Causes Home Fires?

First things first. Why do home fires happen? Fires are among the most devastating accidents to occur in your home, and the easiest to start. A fire that threatens your life and property can happen with as little as a burning candle left unattended. More than 350,000 home fires happen every year in the United States, causing around 2,000 deaths.

Other common causes include cooking, power surges, and improperly maintained appliances. In fact, most home fires start in the kitchen. While good home maintenance and cooking safety are crucial to fire prevention, accidents happen. A smoke detector is an absolute must.

Why is Having a Smoke Detector Important?

There is typically a large amount of smoke associated with even a small fire. Fire can take over a property within five minutes. In most cases, detecting the smoke means detecting the fire. This gives you the warning you need to extinguish the fire, call the fire department, and/or get your family to safety.

Did you know three out of five home fire deaths resulted from fires in properties without working smoke alarms? Research shows that having a smoke detector in every room reduces the risk to your life by half. By detecting the presence of smoke, you have a better chance of stopping a fire before it spreads.

This company is awesome. I had trouble with an alarm going off constantly after hours (dust in alarm) and they sent someone out immediately to take care of it and get the alarm turned off. A technician came the next day and fixed the errant alarm!!
M. Turner
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How Do Smoke Detectors Work?

Smoke detectors come in two types: ionization and photoelectric. Both measure changes in the air that come from different properties of smoke. Each type is better at detecting a fire at a certain stage. That’s why some detectors combine the technologies for optimal detection. Make sure your home has both types of detectors.

Many detectors are sensitive enough to detect even trace amounts of smoke. By having a smoke detector in your home, you can greatly improve your response time to a fire.

How Do I Install and Maintain a Smoke Detector?

Smoke detectors are quite inexpensive and easy to install. The best detectors on the market are those integrated with your security system so they can automatically call the fire department when smoke is detected. The earlier that firefighters can get to your home, the greater the chance of stopping the fire before it spreads too far.

To maintain your smoke detector, change the batteries regularly. Many of the new smoke alarms available from hardware stores include a 10-year battery. It’s also good to clean any dust inside the detector that may have accumulated over time. Also, be sure to test your smoke detectors monthly to ensure that they’re fully functional.

Having a smoke detector is an affordable and effective way to protect your home and family. The more detectors you install, the better the protection. Remember, fires can start in any room, not just the kitchen. By having smoke detectors throughout the house, you can greatly improve your ability to respond quickly.  To learn more about our home security services or to learn how to check your smoke detector, reach out to our team of security experts today.

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