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Find out today why Frase Protection is the trusted commercial business security solution in the Memphis area.


Your Commercial Monitoring Partner In Memphis

Manage your business’ security operations with a unified security platform built specifically to increase operational efficiency, reduce administrative costs, and ensure professional security detection and deterrence at all of your business locations.

Why Choose Frase Protection for Your Business Security Needs?

  • Frase Protection provides an easy-to-use intuitive interface that allows you to easily manage your security system, view video feeds, employee access, and temperature monitoring for all of your locations.
  • Frase systems are equipped with intelligent automation to enhance security, reduce false alarms, and save energy with responsive automation and schedules you can customize.
  • As a local provider, Frase services are offered via a secure platform that includes automatic software updates, end-to-end encryption, and two-factor authentication to ensure only people with the proper clearance can access your company’s security systems.
  • Barbara Pyles
    Frase Protection installed 4 security cameras. Both of the technicians were exceptional. The installation was professionally done. They explained what they would do and they performed the work quickly. We are very pleased with their work.
    Barbara Pyles
  • Dorothy Dyer
    Over the last 40 years we have used Frase Protection and to repeatedly using them I think you could say we are very pleased.
    Dorothy Dyer
  • Alyse LeAnn
    We had a system installed at my place of business. The technician was super helpful and very knowledgeable. We will recommend Frase Protection every time.
    Alyse LeAnn
  • Carl Hare
    From first contact to followup after installation, every person I've had contact with has been first class. Very professional, very efficient and extremely good attitude. I wish I could hire all of them for my business!!
    Carl Hare
  • Annie Hannegan
    The installers were on time, extremely friendly and professional. They gave us thorough overview of system and app usage when finished. Highly recommend them!!!
    Annie Hannegan

    Built for Leaders Like You

    From branch managers to chief operations officers, commercial stakeholders of all kinds rely on Frase Protection to keep their businesses safe and running efficiently. No matter your role, Frase Protection can provide you with advanced operational insights and awareness to get the job done. Contact us today, and we will develop a customized security plan to meet your business needs.

    Reporting, Investigations, and Awareness

    Frase Protection allows you to query and filter activity history in real-time across locations. You can schedule reports to automatically generate and be sent to managers, such as summaries of key information like open/close times, access history, and thermostat temperatures.

    Multiple Locations, One View

    As a manager or business owner, you’ve likely wished you could be in more than one place at the same time. With Frase Protection, you can. Our dashboards make it easy for you to stay connected to your operations from afar by monitoring a single business location or dozens of locations. You can also manage user codes and access permissions across groups in order to save time and increase consistency across all locations, with real-time control.

    Commercial Business Frase

    Frase is Always on So You Can Always Stay Informed

    Real-time alerts and custom reports give you a new level of remote awareness to help you stay on top of business operations and enables you to make informed business decisions.

    Activity Alerts

    Activity alerts allow you to be the first to know if one of your locations is opening late or closing early, and which employees are responsible. You can also set up extra alerts for power outages or to know when a door has been left open for too long.
    Frase Protection Commercial Business Memphis

    Operational Reporting

    Operational reporting allows you to see detailed activity reports to alert you of peak traffic times, alarm system issues, and property activity. You can schedule reports to be automatically emailed to managers or pull them up whenever you need them via the Frase mobile app or website.

    Ready To Make Your Business More Secure?

    Start protecting your business and your peace of mind with Frase Protection for business. Contact us today, and let’s develop a custom security solution.