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Agricultural Video Monitoring That Actually Works

Protecting agricultural areas with specific security solutions is essential to ensuring the security of our nation’s food supply. For farmers in the agricultural industry, keeping 24/7 watch on their property can be difficult without the proper technologies. Frase Protection is here to help. Traditional security methods used in other industries may not be suitable to provide security for agricultural lands, as many fields are remote without the electrical and technological capabilities required to implement security protection measures. 
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Protect Your Agricultural Property With Frase Protection

The agricultural industry must keep farmland safe, not only for the success of their individual or family business but also to protect the food supply. Implementation of security systems can help improve your ability to keep a close watch on your farmland and rest easy.

Some of the most stolen items from ranches and farms include large machinery, livestock, small tools, crops and produce, pesticides, and herbicides. Protecting your hard-earned investments is essential to ensuring the long-term success of your agriculture business. Frase Protection is uniquely capable of providing top-notch security solutions to protect your assets.

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Industrial Security Needs

Frase Protection’s Virtual Security Guard can help protect the assets you’ve worked hard for. With our 24/7 remote video monitoring, you can help prevent crimes from taking place on your property. Much like you’d want to get a home security system when buying a new home, protecting your agricultural property is equally as important. Virtual Security Guard can help deter various types of crimes taking place on agricultural sites, including theft, trespassing, vandalism, illegal dumping, or arson.

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Monitor Remotely

Going on vacation or having to leave your farm no longer needs to cause you stress. Remote monitoring will work in the background, meaning only if there is a trigger will it activate. If the system activates, you will immediately be contacted and made aware of the potential situation taking place on your property. If you’re unable to get there, the system can call for help right away.
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Night Vision

With our unique night vision feature, you can view your property and everything happening on it, even at night time. In low-lighting areas our advanced technology can help by providing a clear video even in the darkest of areas. Of course, this is essential as nighttime is a frequent time for outdoor crimes.
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Solar Powered Solutions

Solar-powered security systems make a perfect option for areas like agricultural land where it may lack the necessary equipment to set up adequate protection. Using solar panels, Frase Protection can provide continuous security protection for your farmland. Don’t let the fear of wires and complex technologies deter you! Solar-powered security systems are easy to understand and operate.