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Car Dealership Video Monitoring That Actually Works

Your Memphis car dealership is an attractive target to criminals and vandals. You already know that auto lots have specific security needs. Your business is full of attractive, valuable inventory at all times which is why you need to invest in a strong security system. That’s why Frase Protection offers Virtual Security Guard, a proactive video security solution with 24/7 intelligent monitoring. Learn how Virtual Security Guard can help keep your car dealership safe, protected, and profitable.
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Safeguard Your Car Dealership With Frase Protection

There is a way to keep your dealership safe and secure. Frase Protection’s innovative Virtual Security Guard service offers constant security monitoring for your company. This solution uses proactive video monitoring technology to find unusual or dangerous activity on your property.

Potential threats are sent to our team of expert security specialists. From there, we provide live audio warnings broadcasted to your dealership. We also immediately contact local authorities. We provide audio and visual guidance to law enforcement on the scene, aiding them in finding and stopping the threat. Our team stays on the case until the situation is resolved.

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Auto Dealership Security Needs

As experts in the Tennessee security business, Frase Protection understands that car dealerships face unique security risks. Outdoor lots may have hundreds or thousands of vehicles in stock at any given time. Each car on your lot represents a major investment for your company, as well as a large liability in case of theft or damage. Without a robust monitoring plan, your dealership is risking the following scenarios.
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Whether you’re dealing with unsupervised teenagers, political activists, graffiti artists, or any other type of vandal, cosmetic damage can be costly. Cleaning and repairing your inventory can be expensive, plus vandalized vehicles make a bad impression on potential customers.
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Inventory Losses

Car dealerships keep their valuable inventory on display. This can attract potential buyers, but also makes you look appealing to car thieves. Your car lot is at major risk without proper monitoring.

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Stolen Parts

Thieves might not target the entire vehicle. Auto parts such as catalytic converters are flooding the black market as single-part theft spreads across the nation. 

Invest In Your Dealership With Frase Protection

Memphis auto dealerships are full of valuable vehicles. Keep your cars safe with industry-leading security services from Frase Protection. Our Virtual Security Guard provides a refreshing change from traditional security offerings. You can protect your inventory while improving the user experience, lowering the number of false alarms, and enjoying a preventative security solution.

Frase Protection has decades of experience working with local businesses just like you. Get in touch to learn more about your options and improve your dealership’s safety today.

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