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Self Storage Video Monitoring That Actually Works

Your self-storage facility may be the core of your operations, but it looks like a treasure chest to creative criminals. Self-storage units are known to be full of valuable, useful items. Your facility might not get a lot of foot traffic, making it easy for criminals to slip in and out. Perhaps you’ve tried staffed security services in the past but found that the guards couldn’t be everywhere at once. You can offer your clients peace of mind with cutting-edge video monitoring throughout your self-storage facility. Learn how Frase Protection’s Virtual Security Guard can keep your storage units profitable and secure.
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Safeguard Your Storage Facility With Frase Protection

Storage companies live with very particular security needs, but you can keep your business safe. Frase Protection’s industry-leading Virtual Security Guard services give you 24/7 monitoring throughout your storage facility. Virtual Security Guard is a proactive software solution that can pinpoint unusual or dangerous activity anywhere in your business.

Any time a risky or abnormal situation is found, Frase Protection’s trained security team jumps into action. Our experts review the situation and can make live audio broadcasts throughout your units. Most intruders run away as soon as they’ve been identified and contacted.

We’ll also contact the local authorities to report the incident. Our team continues to monitor your facility until the scene is safe again. If the situation continues, we’ll provide live guidance to law enforcement. We’ll work together to apprehend intruders based on our video surveillance.

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Self Storage Security Demands

Real-time alerts and custom reports give you a new level of remote awareness to help you stay on top of business operations and enables you to make informed business decisions.
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Unit Break-Ins

Storage units are prime targets for thieves and criminals. Many intruders are willing to take a chance on storage units and are happy to take whatever’s inside.
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Unauthorized Storage

Not every intruder wants to steal from you. Some criminals hope to work around your normal procedures and illegally store their goods in your facility without renting a unit. Unauthorized units can expose you to further crime, escalating your situation.

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Client Losses

Your clients trust you with some of their most precious belongings. Storage units hold traditional holiday decorations, antique furniture, baby mementos, and other irreplaceable goods. Many clients would be heartbroken to find their unit has been robbed.

Stay Safe With Frase Protection

Your self-storage facility is important to your company as well as to your customers. Give everyone peace of mind with robust security tools from Frase Protection. Our Virtual Security Guard provides unbeatable security results. With decades of experience throughout Tennessee, we’re proud to serve our local community. Contact Frase Protection today to learn more about securing your self-storage facility.
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