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Warehouse Video Monitoring That Actually Works

Warehouses and industrial facilities are appealing to criminals, vandals, and thieves. Your facility is full of valuable inventory, materials, and machinery. Once the workday is done, most warehouses are unattended overnight. You might have hired a traditional security guard at one point, but human guards cannot stop every attempt. Your business deserves a cutting-edge security solution.
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Protect Your Warehouse With Frase Protection

Warehouses have specific safety needs, but there is a way to keep your facility secure around the clock. Frase Protection offers cutting-edge Virtual Security Guard services to provide 24/7 monitoring for your industrial facility. Virtual Security Guard is a proactive video technology that identifies abnormal or risky activity throughout your location.

Whenever an unusual event or threat is identified, our trained security experts immediately examine the situation. Our team can broadcast live audio announcements throughout your warehouse, speaking directly to the thieves on-site. In most cases, this audio alert is enough to stop criminals in their tracks.

In these situations, we also contact the local authorities. We’ll continue our live monitoring of your facility until the problem is resolved. If necessary, we offer live audio and video guidance to law enforcement, helping them to find and apprehend the criminals.

Frase Protection Warehouse Security

Industrial Security Needs

Frase Protection has decades of experience in the Tennessee security market. We’ve successfully worked with commercial clients of all sizes. We understand that warehouses have unique needs. Your facility may house hundreds of thousands of dollars in inventory, on top of valuable equipment, machinery, and packaging materials. Warehouses store some of your most important investments. Without a strong security system, your facility is exposed to the following risks.

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Inventory Theft

Inventory from any industry can be stolen and resold on the black market. Your company risks major losses if you don’t use robust security tactics.

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Industrial facilities and warehouses can be attractive living quarters for squatters. If your warehouse is open for the day shift but empty overnight, other people might make themselves at home. Squatting can be dangerous to your staff, facilities, and inventory, so you need to take steps to avoid it.
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Industrial Losses

Warehouses hold more than just inventory. Specialized equipment, machinery, electronics, vehicles, and even packing materials can be targeted by criminals if your facility isn't properly protected.

Secure Your Warehouse With Frase Protection

Your Memphis warehouse is one of your company’s most valuable investments. Keep your business secure with cutting-edge technology through Frase Protection. Our Virtual Security Guard service offers unmatched results. We go beyond the old-fashioned services you might have experienced with traditional security guards and offer reliable, non-stop coverage.

Frase Protection has worked throughout Tennessee for decades. Contact us today to learn how we can secure your warehouse and your company.

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