Fire Safety Awareness

Your ears are ringing from the smoke detector, your adrenaline is pumping as you race towards your escape plan door or window, and you’ve realized it has happened to you.  Your house just caught on fire.  You survived because of your impeccable fire safety awareness. October is fire safety awareness month.  

 Fire safety awareness is more than testing smoke alarms, developing and practicing your family’s escape plan, and awareness of the dangers of burning candles.  It’s also about ​communication ​between you and your family members.  Frase Protection ​wants you to have a conversation with your family about what can lead to fires in your home​.  Each member of the household should understand the dangers of things like cooking accidents, misuse of electrical cords and space heaters, and leaving burning candles unattended.

  The leading causes of home fires is cooking.  At my house we love trying new recipes this time of year, but we are careful to pay attention to cooking safety basics such as never leaving food unattended and making sure to turn off the oven.  It’s important to remember NEVER​ to pour water on a grease fire. It will only make matters worse. Likewise, if you have a fire extinguisher, make sure to take the pan outside before discharging the extinguisher. We know these examples seem like common sense, but during a fire we make better decisions when we are prepared. Frase wants to help you avoid common household fire mistakes to ensure your protection at all times.  

 When it comes to fire safety awareness, you can depend on Frase Protection for helpful tips. Frase is here to listen to any concerns you have regarding fire safety awareness. Whenever you have a question, please do not hesitate to call us.

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