Frase Protection Security Systems: Keeping Your Home Safe and Secure

Today’s society demands more than a simple door lock to keep your home protected. With the introduction of home security systems came the companies most qualified and experienced to install them. High quality security is done by the experts. Frase Protection offers an impressive 170 years of combined experience between its staff members to ensure customer satisfaction.

There are five primary areas that Frase Protection focuses on when installing home security systems in Memphis, TN. They also handle the Cordova, TN, area. Those areas are security systems, remote management packages, surveillance cameras, fire alarms and business security. Trust your security measures to a trusted name in the Memphis and Cordova, TN, areas. Contact Frase Protection for help with one or all of the following security installations.

Security Systems
Frase Protection handles basic home security systems in Memphis, TN, that are wired systems. They also handle systems that are the latest in technology and allow remote management of various features. Complete installations are available, as well as upgrades to a current system.

Remote Management
When it comes to home alarm systems in Cordova, TN, there is nothing like being able to arm the system or disarm it from your cell phone. It is also an amazing ability to be able to control lights throughout the house, the thermostat to warm the house up after a trip when the heat was kept low, or view video of the house. The opportunity to unlock doors is even available, if an unfortunate accident left someone outside with their phone but not their keys.

Surveillance Cameras
Part of a home security system for Memphis, TN, or anywhere, is a surveillance camera. Frase Protection is proud of being able to find you the best available video surveillance system out of the countless varieties available in today’s market. The installation is handled by Frase staff, ensuring the system works properly.

Fire Alarms
The proper monitoring of fire alarms in the home minimizes the risk of home loss due to a fire. Frase recognizes this potential problem as well as other security risks and works with you to protect your home from fire.

Custom fire alarm and security systems, along with 24-hour monitoring, will keep your business in the Memphis and Cordova, TN, areas secure. Don’t let your livelihood come under attack while you work to secure your residence. Instead, trust Frase Protection to help with both.

For more info on our service areas, click here, Memphis and Cordova, TN.

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    Wonderful customer service! We switched from ADT last year, our only regret is not switching sooner. I love having access to both my security system and heat/ AC from my iphone, it's a great feature. We really like supporting this wonderful local business.
    Courtney Downs

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