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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Here at Frase, we are so excited about spending this Holiday season with our loved ones nearby. There are so many things to look forward to! From the festive light shows, parades, and Christmas parties to the Holly-Jolly-Carols and funny Holiday-themed movies- it is the season for making memories. It is no surprise that while it is a family-filled and incredibly fun season, it is also a peak season for home fires. This holiday season, be sure to follow these safety tips:

  • Make sure to water your fresh Christmas tree daily.
  • Turn off Christmas lights when leaving your house or sleeping.
  • Do not burn gift wrap paper in the fireplace. A flash fire may result as wrappings ignite suddenly and burn intensely.

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Frase Protection has been both my home and office security since 1980. I have always had the best service from everyone at Frase throughout these 39 years. They are prompt, courteous, friendly and professional. They have always had solutions for every situation that has arisen. I trust them with my safety and my life. A million thanks to these fine professionals.
J. Philip Wiygul
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