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Reasons You Need a Home Security System

5 Reasons You Need a Home Security System

If you have a home, you need a home security system. These easy-to-operate systems are incredibly effective and efficient—and, now, provide a host of unique benefits from smart home control to energy efficiency, all while safeguarding your home, your property and your family.

Minimize Safety Risks

Many top-rated home security systems do more than keep people out. They can also include tools to help keep you safe. These include sensors that can detect increases in temperature or the presence of smoke. Alerting you and the authorities of a risk of fire like this is critically important to saving your life.

Curb Fire & Carbon Monoxide Issues

Even more importantly, the option is available to add in carbon monoxide detection. Because this is an odor-free, invisible gas, there’s no way to know it is there unless a detector is working to monitor air quality. If carbon monoxide is detected, these systems can alert you to wake you up. Some can also send a warning notification to a connected app or even contact the authorities directly.

Integrating a Whole-Home Protection Team

When choosing a home security system, a key feature to look for is professional monitoring. It provides a way for a team of professionals to monitor your home for you. For example, when you leave your home to go to work for the day, you activate your system. Based on the options you choose for your system, if during the course of the day, the system is triggered by glass breaking or a door opening, it will instantly alert the professional monitoring team. From there, your team can learn what’s happening at your home, alert you to the incident and if needed, alert your local fire or police department.

This company is awesome. I had trouble with an alarm going off constantly after hours (dust in alarm) and they sent someone out immediately to take care of it and get the alarm turned off. A technician came the next day and fixed the errant alarm!!
M. Turner
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Home Insurance Costs Drop

Home insurance companies like to see homes that have added protection like this. It helps minimize the risk of claims for theft or vandalism. This means fewer dollars spent paying for break-ins and damage. As a result, most home insurance providers will transfer that savings to you.

Every home insurance company is different. However, most offer a home security discount of 10 to 20%. If you are unsure about the potential savings, give your insurance company a call. They may offer incentives to encourage you to invest.

Know What’s Going on at Home

Many home security systems also have cameras that allow you to check in from time to time to see what’s happening at home. See who’s ringing your doorbell or who’s coming up the driveway, for example. Or, with an interior camera, keep an eye on pets, kids and childcare with a quick click.

Get in touch to learn more and to customize home security system that’s right for you, your home and your family.

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