24/7 Wireless Monitoring

Frase Protection in Memphis, TN provides home security system alarm monitoring from our 24-hour facility with 2 fully redundant backup sites.  Our operators are quick, professional, and courteous. We find that people like supporting local businesses because it supports local families and the local economy.

At Frase we specialize in 24/7 wireless home security monitoring. Wireless alarm monitoring transmits alarm signals to our 24/7 monitoring center without the need of a landline phone. Our latest home alarm systems include a built-in wireless transmitter designed to instantaneously send alarm signals to provide help for you and your family when you need it most. And, if your landline gets cut, Frase Wireless alarm monitoring has you covered.

From a technical standpoint, our monitoring center is a 24-hour central station that exceeds the highest industry standards. We deploy advanced technologies, redundant servers, and backup facilities that help keep our customers safe and secure.

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