How To Keep Your Backyard Safe

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How To Keep Your Backyard Safe

We should all feel safe and secure in our homes. But how many of us put much thought into securing our backyard? Your backyard is a special place where you create treasured family memories. It’s also a place where you store many valuables: bikes, patio furniture, lawn equipment, and more. It should be just as protected as the rest of your home. Here’s how to keep your backyard a place of bliss, not a hotspot for burglary.

Lock Up Your Valuables

Take a look around at your backyard. What do you see? Probably some tools, lawn equipment, furniture, bikes, and maybe even a few toys. While you may be thinking, would someone really go to so much trouble to steal a lawnmower and some tools? Sadly, the answer is yes. Most thieves are looking for quick ways to score a few bucks. A few tools lying out in the open are easy to grab and run off with then resell later.

If you have a shed, you probably use it to store your lawn equipment, bikes, and off-season patio furniture. Without a lock, that shed can become an easy target for thieves. You can purchase a solid padlock from any hardware store to put on the door to help keep everything inside protected. If you have a larger backyard and your shed is located far from the house, you may need to use additional security measures such as motion-sensing lights or security cameras.

During the warmer months, your patio furniture sees a lot of use by your family and neighbors. However, at night, that same furniture is another target for thieves. A steel cable is an affordable and easy solution to this problem. When you thread the cable through the base of your furniture and secure it with a padlock, your furniture becomes one heavy block that’s hard for potential thieves to take off with.

Cover Your Patio Furniture

Patio furniture covers are not only a great investment for the quality of your furniture, but they can also disguise your furniture from potential thieves. Covering your furniture, especially in dark fabric, can provide a kind of camouflage at night. The right covers will also protect your furniture from sun and rain. What’s not to love?
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Use Indoor Storage Whenever Possible

Whether it’s a storage shed, garage, or another indoor storage unit, having a place to store your valuables keeps them out of sight. A burglar is more likely to move onto someone else’s exposed property than risk more time getting caught in your backyard.

It can be a pain to move your patio furniture inside so we don’t recommend storing it after every use, just when you won’t be using it for a while. This kind of storage will also help prolong your furniture’s quality.

Leave the Lights On

A simple way to secure your backyard can be to illuminate it. Leaving your outdoor lights on or installing motion-sensing lights around the perimeter of your yard can help deter criminals from coming to investigate potential targets. If you have a larger backyard, consider installing multiple lights or security cameras around your yard. This can limit blind spots and provide more light coverage for your yard.

Install Outdoor Security Cameras

Exterior security cameras are the best way to secure your outdoor living spaces. They have been shown to help deter criminals and provide evidence in the event of a theft. Studies have shown that burglars will most likely avoid homes that are equipped with highly-visible, professional-looking security equipment, including outdoor cameras.

High-end outdoor cameras can even stream video to your phone and distinguish between people, animals, and other objects. These cameras can also add value to your home and, potentially, lower your home insurance rate as they provide superior protection.

Your backyard is a cherished part of your home and deserves the same level of protection. This protection can be as simple as a padlock on a shed or as intricate as a network of security cameras. We can help you make sure your family and friends feel safe as they enjoy the warmer months relaxing in your backyard. To build the right home security system for your family, get in touch with our team today.

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