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 Featured in Memphis Business Journal

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Frase Protection is making headlines for the rollout of our latest feature, Virtual Guard Service. When someone starts tampering with a business or residential keypad, the service will relay a message through its speaker that the area is closed and letting the person know they are being monitored and recorded. The message then tells the person to leave the property and that the authorities will be alerted if they don’t leave. The system even relays information about what the unauthorized person is wearing, so the person knows the monitoring is live and not a recording. 

Frase’s Virtual Guard Service uses security cameras, software, speakers, and virtual security guards who are located in a separate location, to prevent crime. The aim of Virtual Guard is to stop criminals before they commit crimes.

Once employees leave for the day, the Virtual Guard service becomes armed. Once the software detects a person or vehicle approaching the location (it knows the difference between humans and animals and ignores animals), it sends a live stream to one of the remote guards, who are then able to communicate to the person through a speaker. By communicating specific, identifying details about the person straight to them, they are more likely to pay attention. Then, the guard warns them that they are calling the police, and 90% of the time, the person will take off. If they don’t, the virtual guards alert the police while they continue to watch the live stream until police arrive.

You can read more about our Virtual Guard Service in the Memphis Business Journal article here.

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    Wonderful customer service! We switched from ADT last year, our only regret is not switching sooner. I love having access to both my security system and heat/ AC from my iphone, it's a great feature. We really like supporting this wonderful local business.
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