Frase Protection Welcomes Jonathan Torres as New Chief Executive Officer

We are very excited to announce the appointment of Jonathan Torres as Frase Protection’s new Chief Executive Officer. With a proven track record of leadership and a wealth of experience in management, Torres is poised to carry out the company mission to make Memphis a safer place to live, work, and play.

Torres previously held key executive roles at Memphis Athletic Ministries as President and CEO and as the Urban Director of Ministry at Young Life Ministries. With a reputation for strategic vision and effective decision-making, Torres brings an ability to implement proactive solutions and uncompromising integrity in pursuit of best-in-class performance to his new position. In addition to carrying out the company mission as CEO of Frase Protection, he will set the company’s strategic direction and oversee the implementation of all strategic planning.

“In my previous jobs, I’ve worked to make Memphis a better place overall,” said Torres. “I’m excited about a challenge that will stretch me and push me towards the same vision, but accomplishing it in a different way. Frase realizes their mission not just through the company in the business, but in the way that we engage with our customers and the way we engage with the community at large.”

Torres takes the helm from Jonathan Frase, who served our family-owned business as CEO for over 20 years. Torres has earlier experience with the Frase team as a consultant, and the men serve on a Christian CEO peer group together.

“Over the years, we’ve gotten to know each other really well,” said Frase. “I’ve learned how he communicates, his values, and wisdom that he brings to the table. He has a great way of galvanizing and encouraging teams to move together towards a shared vision.”

A Memphis resident of over 25 years, Torres attended the University of Memphis School and Union University. As a committed community advocate, he serves on the Board of Directors for local charter school Believe Memphis Academy, and formerly served in leadership roles at Eastside Community Church and Harvest Church, and as Chairman of the Board for Restore Corps.

In addition, he was tapped to serve on Mayor Paul Young’s transition team as an advisor for effective and engaging youth programs.

Please join us in welcoming Torres to the Frase Protection Team.