Outdoor Home Security Essentials

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Outdoor Home Security Essentials

4 Outdoor Home Security Essentials

For many homeowners, indoor security is a must. By safeguarding their home from intruders, indoor home security keeps your most valuable possessions -- family, loved ones and pets included.

While indoor security is important, be sure you aren’t ignoring outdoor home security -- too often, homeowners drill down on what’s inside without considering the risk that’s outside. Intruders, naturally, start from outside -- by spotting them on your property before they attempt to break in, it’s easier to alert law enforcement before problems arise.

Beyond that, though, there’s a lot that goes on outside -- not just intruders but everything from minor thefts to problematic pests to stray animals to simply keeping tabs on your dog.

To safeguard your whole property and ensure you’re keeping tabs on everything, incorporate these outdoor home security essentials in your planning.

Outdoor cameras

Outdoor security cameras are essential. Not only can these motion-sensored cameras capture people and animals that cross onto your property, many modern cameras can begin recording when there’s any sort of disturbance.

Others offer that convenient feature plus the option for real-time alerts delivered straight to your smart phone should cameras pick up anything in-question.

The only issue? Some are very sensitive — so sensitive a few birds passing through or your cat crawling back under the fence could trigger alerts and cloud-recording. But it’s a quick-check, in those cases — simply tap and the app will take you live to your yard so you can confirm all is as it should be...and if it’s not, you can quickly click to call for help.

These are also great for spotting issues when you’re away. Did the landscaper really come when they said they would? Did a neighbor snag your ladder without asking? Video archives can keep you in-the-know 24/7.

Two-Way doorbell video

Like outdoor cameras, popular doorbell cams like Ring or our Skybell doorbell camera add another layer of security. When someone rings your bell — or comes close to your front door — your doorbell camera activates and instantly streams live, while saving clips to the cloud.

Not only does that give you the option to peek in on who’s ringing but, from there, you can take action, speaking to visitors through your doorbell cam via a dedicated app. Let the next door neighbor know to come around to the back door and let themselves in, ask the mailman to leave the package on the porch or tell a door to door salesman to come back later.

There’s also an added safety benefit — making people think you’re home, even if you aren’t. Don’t recognize who’s at the door? Tell them you’re in the middle of something — or that they have the wrong house. If people think you’re home they’re less likely to stick around — and less likely to be a nuisance.

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Automatic lights

A dark house can be a signal to thieves and vandals — don’t let it be. By installing automatic and motion-triggered lighting, you’ll create the illusion of a fully-occupied house — a house that’s nowhere near as appealing to someone who wants to break in.

Ideally, opt for lights that are on a set timer — all outdoor lights flip on at 6pm in the winter and living room lights come on at 9pm daily, for example. Then, layer in motion-triggered lights so, should someone approach, your porch lights switch on, signaling you’re home — and that you see them.

Not only will this help deter burglars and vandals, but the added light will help your outdoor cameras catch more of the scene, helping you identify faces and other key details should an issue arise.

Integrated alarms

While many indoor security systems include alarms triggered by obvious break-ins — people pushing in through your door, opening windows or coming into a garage, for starters — having outdoor security is essential too. Look for systems triggered by a broken window — that’s, often, a way to test a property. A blaring alarm will likely scare off an intruder.

Also, be sure your security system covers major outdoor features — your shed, swimming pool or outdoor kitchen, for example. Though your camera will catch problems, it’s ideal to have added interference should someone attempt to disturb your property.

That, though, is just the beginning. Depending on your property and your priorities, there could be other vulnerabilities in your front or backyard — and you need to protect yourself, your family and your property. Frase can help. Get in touch for a free customized assessment.

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