Simple Strategies for Curbing Package Theft

Simple Strategies for Curbing Package Theft

By 2021, 2.14 billion people will be buying products online. Today, it’s the norm -- and that means, at countless households around the globe, unattended boxes, bags and envelopes are left sitting in plain view for hours or even days. And that can be tempting for “front porch” thieves.

That said, you can improve the security at your front door, making it less likely people will snag your packages -- and, if they do, those same measures make it more likely they’ll be caught. Like any other type of home security, a thief is unlikely to target your house if they know there’s a good chance they will be caught in the act. They look for easy targets.

The question is — how can you improve your doorstep security? A smart home security system is all it takes to encourage thieves to go elsewhere.

How To Eliminate Package Theft

Consider a Doorbell Camera

The first option for securing your home is a doorbell camera. These smart cameras work to give you direct access to what’s happening outside your door. You can see the delivery driver place the package on your doorstep. Then, if someone else approaches, you will receive a motion-sensor alert on your smartphone. You can immediately log into the app and see what’s happening in real time.

The result? You can use the two-way communication tool to tell that thief to go somewhere else. What’s more, the camera will record their image, and a timestamp which can help you later.

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How To Eliminate Package Theft

Improve Security With Direct Access

What if a package is just too important to leave outside the door even for a short period of time? You can go a step further by installing a smart home security system that includes the ability to provide access to a more secure area of your home. Here’s how easy it works.

#1: The driver arrives

The delivery person comes to your door, rings your bell and tells you they have your package. This triggers an alert on your smartphone, and you can open the app to see what’s happening.

#2: You communicate with the delivery driver

You see who is at your door and use the two-way communication tool to instruct the driver what to do. For example, you can create a one-time use code to give the driver, allowing the driver to unlock and open your front, garage or side door to place your package inside your home.

#3: They leave and you secure the door

You can watch the delivery driver enter the home, place the package in a designated spot and leave. You can then use the app to secure the door. The code you created will no longer work, which means no one else -- including that driver -- can get back into your home using that code.

Mission accomplished — your package is safely awaiting you at home with no risk of drive-by thieves taking it. You remain in control of the security at your home all day, every day.

Ready to learn more? Give our team a call to see how easy it is for you to set up this efficient, effective method for preventing package theft at your home.