Enhancing Security: A Day in the Life of Frase Protection’s Sales Team

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At Frase Protection, our mission resonates through every interaction: “Making Memphis a safer place to live, work, and play.” We sat down with our Sales Team to explore what a typical day looks like for them and their pivotal responsibilities in securing homes and offering peace of mind.

Day in the Life

“One of the remarkable facets of our role is the level of stages involved in customer engagement,” began one team member. “It’s not just about selling a product; it’s about understanding the nuances of each customer’s situation.”

A typical day kicks off with catching up with emails and maybe a meeting or two before team members start their appointments across town. The Frase Team visits potential customers’ homes or businesses to learn more about the security needs they have and evaluate the property in order to offer a custom solution. “We start by analyzing the customer’s needs in relation to what’s viable for their home,” explained another team member. “Whether homeowners are exploring security options, have experienced a break-in, or are amidst a move, every situation demands a unique approach.”

Customers often ask, “What do you recommend?” and our response is: you’re the expert on your house, we want to work with you to figure that out. We’ll visit your home, talk with you, and THEN make a recommendation.

The team’s primary focus revolves around ensuring customers feel supported and at ease. “It’s not just about selling security systems; it’s about making our customers feel taken care of,” emphasized another team member. “We’re there to guide them through an uncertain process and assure them that we have the solution tailored to their specific needs. We visit every home and business so that we can offer the best solution for each customer.”

The pivotal task lies in deciphering the best-suited security measures that align with both the customer’s budget and requirements. “Understanding what’s best for them, what fits their budget, and what fulfills their needs is crucial,” shared a team member. With the advent of affordable security technology like wireless doorbell cameras and streaming security cameras, explaining options and technology choices to customers is key. “Ultimately, our goal is to provide them with the protection and peace of mind they seek.”

“Here’s a good example from a few months ago. We had a great guy call in to set up an appointment. He had a break-in at his house, and they cleaned him out. He was just getting ready to go on vacation and he didn’t feel comfortable leaving his house empty while he was gone after the burglary. Given his unique needs and travel schedule, we were able to come in, assess his needs, and get him a system with some specialized sensors and monitoring options. We even managed an installation date before his travel–and it was a tight window–and it was a great feeling to know he felt safe to travel. That’s what I’ve loved the most is getting to help people in those situations.”

Navigating through different customer scenarios, the team exercises empathy, expertise, and a comprehensive understanding of security solutions. “Every situation is a puzzle, and we’re there to put the pieces together for our customers,” said a team member. “We’re not just selling a product; we’re crafting a solution that fits into their lives.”

Favorite Part of Your Job?

The best part of the team’s day-to-day work at Frase Protection? Well, it’s different for each team member, but there are some common threads that make it special.

For one team superstar, it’s the incredible variety of homes they encounter. “We’re often the first point of contact, and that means stepping into a diverse array of houses, some of them quite impressive. In Memphis especially, we’ve had the chance to meet some fascinating folks – from NBA players to local celebrities.”

Then there’s the guy who’s unapologetically sentimental – the one who admits that what really gets him going is the opportunity to help others. “ I’ll say getting to see all the different types: different people, and many houses around the city. And I’ll be the one who gives a cheesy answer. I like that we get to help people.” There’s something deeply fulfilling about knowing that our work isn’t just about selling security systems; it’s about making a real difference in people’s lives.

Want to learn more about the Frase Team? Check out our team page. Do you have security questions for the sales team? Let’s get in touch!