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What to Consider When You’re Considering a Security Camera

Whether it’s your home, your office or a space that needs an extra set of eyes, make sure you’re choosing the right security camera for the job.  The addition of security cameras to your property may be one of the most important investments you make to gain peace of mind. With affordable security cameras available for both homes and businesses, it’s possible to have a better sense of security all of the time.  Security cameras today offer more connectivity and insight than ever before.

They are also designed to provide you with features to make managing them easy to do, including automation -- you can easily connect with many cameras and link directly to your smartphone, allowing you to open an app, select a camera, and see what’s happening at your property at any time. Even better, today’s cameras are also competitively priced.

Here’s a look at some of the key ways you can use cameras like these and what you can expect from them.

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Home Security Cameras

There’s little doubt that home security cameras are the best way you can help security your home and your family when you are not there. The cameras themselves should have 24-hour recording and video storage services whenever possible. This ensures that, if there is something that triggers the alarm to sound, there’s a professional available to react to it instantly.

When choosing security cameras for your home, there are a few things to look for:

  • Ensure the plan offers 24/7 recording and video storage.
  • Look for an app-centered product as this allows you to log into the app to monitor the camera, turn the camera on and off, and even see a live stream of what’s occurring.
  • Consider wireless options. In some cases, wireless home security cameras provide the highest level of monitoring without damaging your property.

It’s always important to have a customized home security system. It should address the windows and doors around your home. Depending on your home’s size and style, you may need to consider numerous cameras to provide ample detection. Indoor cameras are designed to capture what’s happening at windows and doors, as well as can work to help you monitor childcare or your pets when you are not at home.

Outdoor Security Cameras

No matter where you live, there is always a threat to your security due to break-ins. Outdoor security cameras can be an excellent way to deter this. Just their presence can help, but there are also a few key features to look for in these cameras as well.

  • Learn about the camera’s field of view. For the areas nearest to the house, the camera field of view should be enough to provide a wide angle to pick up anyone in the area.
  • Consider night vision features to provide 24-hour protection.
  • Some of the most advanced outdoor security cameras can be accessed from your home. Look for those with bright spotlights and a clear camera.

Your indoor and outdoor security cameras can work well together to provide comprehensive security for your property. It’s always a good idea to look for those that work well with your home’s automation setup, too.

Security Cameras for Your Business

Still not sold? Consider this—by installing a simple, low-cost doorbell camera, you’ll…

  • Know who is at the door before you open it. Never open the door and become vulnerable.
  • Know when people – including your kids – enter and exit the door.
  • Talk to someone on the other side of your door without having to open it.
  • Capture video of what is happening outside of your door even when you are miles away.
  • Provide access through your smart home automation system.

Simplify the installation process—contact Frase Protection now for more information and complete installation and support. Our team will work with you from day one, customizing a solution that fits any need, no matter what features are important. Contact us now to learn more.

Doorbell Security Cameras

Doorbell security cameras are an incredible benefit to most people today. This camera takes the place of your doorbell, allowing you to learn what is happening outside your door at any time.

Many offer 24-hour motion sensors that turn on the camera anytime someone approaches. They allow you to answer the door without actually opening it, providing you with ample security and property awareness. When comparing options, look for the following features:

  • Two-way talk allows you to speak to someone who rings the bell or those who approach the door. It’s all done through the app on your smartphone.
  • Look at the doorbell camera app rating on the App Store and Google Play and choose the doorbell camera that has the highest rated app.
  • Some of the most advanced doorbell security cameras offer built-in night vision and HD quality cameras.
  • Choose those that link with your smart home automation to make it easy for you to answer your door just about anywhere.

Reliability is important with these cameras as not all providers offer the same level of protection. It’s important to have it hardwired in or professionally installed when possible to minimize these risks.

Learn About These 4 Reasons You Should Have A Doorbell Camera

Frase Protection designs home and business security camera systems that meet your needs. We keep pricing simple while providing you with exceptional access to the latest systems and solutions. Contact us to learn more about how you can begin protecting your property.


Security Cameras

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Smart Home Control

Automation systems make it easy to keep your house running, no matter how busy you may be. Smart homes do more than keep your home organized, they can also keep it extra secure and safe. Our team at Frase Protection can help you make sure that everything in your household is monitored and controlled.

Our added automation systems allow for the ultimate security protection as well as the ultimate peace of mind. Make the most of your home, money and time with a Smart Home system.

What is Smart Home Control?

With Smart Home Control, you can completely automate your home and control it from anywhere, at any time. This is achieved by connecting your lights, locks, thermostats, video and more.

Frase Protection’s Smart Home System makes doing so a breeze. You can seamlessly connect all of your systems and devices in your home on one simple, easy-to-use and monitor platform. After all, what’s the point of automation if it isn't easy to use?

Save Money with a Smart Thermostat

Few of us set our thermostat and forget it. We adjust the temperature based on the weather, the time of day, and who is home. Sometimes we forget to adjust the thermostat before heading out for a long work day or a weekend away. Or we have to wait for the house to cool down when we get home.

Smart thermostats make all of those scenarios a thing of the past. Simply set your temperature remotely and even adjust that temperature to each room in the house through sensors.

If your family fights over the temperature (and whose doesn’t?), you’ll love how easy it is to keep the peace with this feature!

Oh, and the smart thermostat helps you save money with personalized energy recommendations based on your usage patterns.

Stop Searching for Your Keys with Smart Locks

Let’s face it. We all lose our keys at the worst possible moment. It’s always when you’re running late and have somewhere important to be. Well, now you can say goodbye to the days of searching for your keys at the bottom of your bag. And you won’t have to deal with lost keys and being locked out either.

With smart locks, you can assign each member of your household a code to remotely lock and unlock the doors. This can be done via the app. You’ll also receive a notification whenever the door is unlocked.

Close Your Garage Door from Anywhere

When you’re rushing out the door, it’s easy to forget to close the garage. With our garage door control, you’ll get a notification every time your garage is left open. You can close it remotely with the touch of a button!

No more turning around in the middle of a trip in order to close the garage (which usually ends up being closed anyway!).

Turn Lights On and Off (No Clapping Required)

In your Smart Home, you can control the lighting by using automatic lighting schedules and timers. This can help your home’s safety too by having lights turn on should an alarm go off.

Irrigation System Control

Getting sprayed in the face while turning the sprinkler on? Not in anymore!

Now you can virtually turn on and off your sprinklers, set an automatic timer, and program the sprinklers to go on on certain days of the week and times. You can also stop or pause the sprinkler system remotely and check on the status of the irrigation system from anywhere.

The irrigation system control will also let you target specific areas of your yard that need more water. You’ll love that lower water bill!

Stream Music, Podcasts, and Movies All Over Your Home

Our Smart Home system also enables you to control the Sonos in your home. Play music at any volume, turn on a football game or your favorite talk radio show. You can play them in any room as well. and choose which rooms it plays to and how loud.

Create the perfect ambience with the Smart Home Sonos control in your home for any occasion.

It’s time to make your house the home you’ve always dreamed of. Get in touch with our team of smart home experts today. We’re here to customize the solution to meet your every need.