Security System For Retail: 7 things a retail security system can provide you

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In a competitive industry like retail, every dollar counts. Several studies show that shoplifting and employee theft losses are huge. Many retail businesses look to security systems to help protect their property, employees, and customers. Criminals would rather hit a retail business that doesn’t have a security system versus ones that do. 

Your security system may be your best chance at thwarting crime and capturing images and video clips that can help catch the bad guy. Retail security systems have many benefits to help your business stay secure and grow. Let’s take a look at how these systems can protect your business. 

Your retail business requires a lot of investment. New business startups are expensive, and you need plenty of capital to keep the operation running smoothly and safely. With personal safety and store profitability at stake, retail business owners must regularly evaluate the effectiveness of their store security system and update it as needed.

What Can a Security System Do for My Retail Business?

Today’s retail security systems are smart. The system packages provide more options to support your business than ever. Retail security systems can provide safety in several ways, allow you to track and protect employees, and meet insurance requirements.

Know When Someone Enters and Exits the Store

Let’s face it, you and your employees can’t always be everywhere.  Shoplifters bank on this fact and use it to their advantage in skillful ways. Customers often need assistance from your employees as they move around the store to help. While assisting, employees may not be able to keep track of people entering the store. 

Security systems can help you and your employees by sounding an alert, possibly a chime or bell noise, to let them know that someone has come through the entrance. This allows employees to stay alert and keep a guestimate on how many customers are in the store at a given time, so they can eventually make their way around to checking in on all customers.

Keep Close Watch Over Inventory

You carry a lot of valuable inventory in your store. Indoor video cameras can help you keep an eye on your inventory and help solve issues over product loss in areas of your store where it’s hard to consistently monitor. Having surveillance cameras also helps to hold employees accountable because they know you are watching or can always review the footage later. The same goes for shoplifters who can be caught in the act or upon video review.

Easily Monitor Activity Outside Your Store

Not only can your security system provide indoor surveillance, but you can also add outdoor cameras to watch activity around the business. Some recording devices can be set up to record continuously while others can be set to record only when they detect motion. Outdoor cameras can also hold analytical value, you can note which days and times the parking lot is busiest and set your employees schedule based on your findings.

Better Prepare for Potential Natural Disasters 

Your system can also monitor environmental issues such as flood, fire, and temperature spikes. With notifications from your system, you can take action to minimize inventory and physical store damage.

Streamline Employee Time Management

Did you know that a security system could help you monitor your employees’ schedules? It works similar to the notion of clocking in and out. When employees enter the store through a secure entrance and disarm the security system, they enter a unique security code to “clock in.” When they leave, they enter their code again to arm the system, effectively “clocking out.” The system can also be set up to give certain employees access to restricted areas in your shop and keep others out.

Better Protect Your Team with a Panic Button

Not only can you track employees’ schedules, but you can also offer peace of mind for them through a security system that includes options such as a panic button for emergencies. When pushed, the signal can alert local authorities that can dispatch assistance. In addition, the cameras that help detect and record theft can also help employees by putting more “eyes” around the store. 

Meet Insurance Needs

Every business needs insurance and getting insurance means meeting requirements for your business. A retail security system will be required along with a fire alarm system. Once you’ve met the requirements, you can reap all the benefits of your security system and have more peace of mind.

Sleep Easy with a Retail Security System

In retail, security systems provide many benefits beyond security. The most important features for security and safety lead to less loss and damage while protecting employees. A smart security system can help you stay intact with your shop, its inventory, and your employees.

Install a quality retail security system from a security business with an excellent reputation and sleep more easily tonight, knowing you’ve increased the security of your investment. Our team at Frase Protection can help you find the ideal smart business security system for your store.