Security Systems In Germantown

Ready for a better security system for your Germantown home or business?

Find out today why Frase Protection is the trusted security solution company in the Germantown area.

Your Germantown Security System Partner

Germantown, TN is a beautiful place to live, work, and raise a family. As part of this vital community, you understand the importance of protecting your investments. Wireless security services from Frase Protection can help you make the most of your Germantown home or business.

Why Germantown Homes And Businesses Need A Trusted Security Partner

The unexpected can happen at any time. When you’re choosing a security team for your home or workplace, you deserve to work with a trusted company that offers unmatched services.

Frase Protection provides state-of-the-art wireless monitoring. We keep an eye on your property 24/7, giving you peace of mind against intruders.

As a local company, Frase Protection understands the vibrant Tennessee mindset. We’re here to support you in your efforts, allowing your family to feel safe and your business to grow in Germantown.

Home Security Systems

A home security system is a smart investment in your family’s safety, wellbeing, and health. Frase Protection uses a 24/7 system, where our team of professionals monitors your home for unusual activity at any time.

Our home services include constant monitoring to ensure your home and family are always safe. In the event of an emergency, we immediately notify the local authorities or your private guard service. However, we go beyond basic services and also include fire and carbon monoxide monitoring. If smoke or dangerous CO2 levels are detected in your home, we notify you as well as the authorities.

Small Business Security Systems

Your small business represents a major step forward for your family. Protect your investment with a strong security system. Our small business plan is designed for small to mid-sized businesses. Robust monitoring can give you peace of mind whether your doors are open or closed.

Our small business plan includes video surveillance, intrusion alarms, building access via phone, and energy management. Using algorithmic learning, we’ll alert you any time unusual activity is detected. If anything looks suspicious, we'll immediately notify you by phone. You can also optimize your operations thanks to business reporting tools.

Commercial Security Systems

As your business grows, your security system should scale with you. Frase Protection offers commercial security systems for your Germantown company. You'll enjoy safer facilities and smoother operations with our industry-leading commercial security tools.

We offer the same foundation of surveillance, building access, energy usage, and intrusion tools to our commercial clients as to our small businesses. For commercial clients, we expand our services to fit your needs. You can count on these powerful options to keep your facilities safe as your business grows.

Our commercial video monitoring also helps you get to the bottom of any unusual activity. Reports allow you to find any abnormalities so you can resolve issues before they grow out of control.

Frase Protection Is The Best Choice For Germantown

Frase Security is a local Tennessee company with decades of experience serving the local community. We’ve been proud to keep Germantown safe over the years. Thanks to our modern wireless services, remote video, and smartphone options, we’re excited for what the future brings. Explore our competitive pricing and enjoy the peace of mind that a dedicated, 24/7 home and business security system will bring. Contact us today to learn more and start investing in your safety. 

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