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Sitting in the heart of Tennessee, Nashville is one of our state’s most vibrant places to live and work. If you’ve put down roots in Nashville, you should protect these investments with a modern security system. Frase Protection is here to safeguard your Nashville home or business using state-of-the-art wireless security tools, 24/7 monitoring, and instant notifications.


Why Your Nashville Home And Business Deserves A Trusted Security Partner

Living in a major city, Nashville residents face a range of risks. Your home and business properties are important assets that you want to protect. Choose an experienced and trustworthy security company for instant peace of mind.

Frase Protection offers robust wireless monitoring to tackle your security concerns. We monitor our clients around the clock, giving you 24/7 protection against the unexpected.

Home Security Systems

Our home security plans help keep your home and family safe at all times. We offer 24/7 services with non-stop monitoring. Rest easy knowing that our team of experts is always keeping an eye on your home. If anything suspicious occurs, we’ll notify the local authorities right away. We can also work with your private guard service for the next steps.

We care about your health and well-being, so we also monitor your home for fire and elevated carbon monoxide levels. If we find any traces of smoke or dangerous CO2, we’ll immediately notify your phone as well as the local fire department.


Small Business Security Systems

Starting a company and watching it grow is an exciting time for any business owner. We want to support your hard work and protect your investments, which is why we offer small business security plans. We designed these services with new and growing companies in mind. Frase Protection offers everything to keep you safe, all delivered at the perfect scale for your needs.

A security system can protect your clients, employees, facility, and profits. Our small business plans include video surveillance, with both interior and exterior recording options available. Intrusion alarms and smartphone building access systems help you maintain physical security. We’ll immediately contact the authorities if we find anything suspicious. We also offer energy management tools and business reports to streamline your operations.


Commercial Security Systems

Nashville’s major companies are part of the city’s backbone. At Frase Protection, we know that your security challenges grow alongside your business. Explore our commercial security systems to protect and enhance your large company.

Our commercial clients enjoy a strong foundation of tools to manage video surveillance, facility access, energy usage, reporting, and intrusion alarms. We use algorithmic tools to identify any non-standard activity before it grows out of control. We can find patterns of suspicious behavior, off-hours building usage, and other potential problems before the situation escalates. These tools help you maintain production, profits, and safety across your operations.


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Frase Security is a Tennessee company with decades of local experience. Whether you’re looking to protect your home, small business, or a large corporation, we can help your investments stay safe. We use the best modern tools such as wireless video, remote access, and smartphone notifications to provide immediate service to every client.

If you’re ready to invest in your future, get in touch today. Our friendly staff will help you understand all of your options so you can protect what’s most important to you.

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