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Smart Business Security

Easy to Use, Essential to Own

The reality: theft, vandalism, fires, and other incidents put millions of business at risk each year. On average, 22% of small businesses file an insurance claim for theft or burglary each year, with more than $8,000 reported per incident—not to mention the potential for increased premiums along with those claims.

Smart business security is an innovative, effective way to monitor what’s happening at your business around the clock and, with it, help safeguard your company from common risks. By integrating these turnkey technologies from Frase, you’ll empower yourself and your stakeholders, while keeping an eye on your facilities no matter where you are.

Stop Worrying About Security

While you’re no doubt focused on the security of your business, you aren’t the only person coming in and out daily. If an employee leaves a door unlocked or forgets to activate the alarm system before leaving, your space could be vulnerable to thieves.

With a smart business security system from Frase, keeping your business secure is simple. Set up your system to automatically arm at a specific time each day and you’re done—no worrying about setting alarm and security systems, and no checking in to ensure it’s been done.

In a few quick clicks, you can set a schedule that works for your business and your hours, even if those hours change day-to-day.

Keep an Eye on Your Business From Anywhere

Smart systems provide direct access to your business security at all times. With a customized sensor trigger, you can choose to get text, email, or push alerts anytime a door opens or closes. For example you could add a sensor to an inventory room door and either get an alert any time that door opens or get an alert if the door remains open too long.  With single and multi-site viewing, you can easily control multiple areas and multiple locations from a single dashboard—a dashboard available on your smartphone or computer.

That, though, is just the beginning.

  • Layer in live video streaming and log into your security cameras to view in-office activity in real-time. You can also use your system to record video, which can help you later when you need to verify important information.
  • Utilize real-time notifications, get an instant message via your security app or sent straight to your smartphone. Don’t wait until end-of-day or, even, the next day to get an overview of activity and security incidents. Stay in-the-know no matter where you are.
  • Cancel false alarms from your mobile device or computer, or identify a potential security incident and track real-time response from Frase and local authorities.
  • Control thermostats to help save up to thousands of dollars per year on utility costs.

Powering Smarter Business and Smarter Business Insights

Frase Protection creates customized solutions for every business partner. We want you to connect all key components of your business from lights and thermostats to locks and security cameras, all in one place. Using our smart business security systems, you can link thermostats and door or window sensors, for a smart floor plan that curbs your risk while keeping your company moving forward. 


Safeguard your restaurant with a smart security system designed for food service. Not only will you be able to view customer flow and ensure service is up to standards, you’ll always have eyes on who’s coming and going and potential issues as they emerge. This helps curb internal and external theft as well as other incidents that could impact your business—and your bottom line.


Business offices are prime targets for vandalism, theft, and more. Between the proprietary information, the high-value equipment, and other important features, it’s essential to safeguard your office—and our customized solutions deliver. Using door and motion sensors as well as 24/7 security cameras, you’ll always have eyes on what’s going on in and around your office.


Retailers face the largest incidents of theft each year. Having a smart security system can reduce your risk from day one. Working with you, we’ll create a customized plan to address the risks at your property, which may include monitoring doors, cash registers, and even specific high-risk areas around your store.

Rental Properties

Your rental properties are valuable assets that need around-the-clock protection. Affordably monitor a single rental property or up to hundreds of properties from a single platform.  Easily assign alarm user codes to new tenants or service and repair vendors.  In moments you can also disable alarm user codes for any of your properties.

Light Industrial

Integrating Frase features helps minimize theft and increase security for employees. From cameras to sensors to real-time reporting, you’ll have constant eyes on your space, your equipment and your team.  Use camera technology to view production and to replay incidents.  Keep an eye on valuable parts and inventory.  Monitor workflow for enhanced efficiency.  This and many more advantages are available with today’s technology offered by Frase Protection.

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Frase Protection has been both my home and office security since 1980. I have always had the best service from everyone at Frase throughout these 39 years. They are prompt, courteous, friendly and professional. They have always had solutions for every situation that has arisen. I trust them with my safety and my life. A million thanks to these fine professionals.
J. Philip Wiygul
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