Spring Home Security Checklist

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As we approach the spring season, you’re likely getting ready to do some spring cleaning. But did you know that spring is also the ideal time to ensure your home is safe and secure? In this post, we will go over our spring home security checklist.

Check Your Locks

Statistics show that the majority of burglars simply twist the front doorknob and walk right in. To ensure your home is secure, go to every exterior door and inspect the locks. You want to make sure that every exterior door has a deadbolt. Jiggle the doorknobs as well to ensure they are not loose.

If you notice any issues with the locks, call a locksmith and have them replaced. If your home has a glass sliding door, you will also need to make sure it’s secure. You may want to consider a secondary lock that will prevent your sliding doors from being forced open.

Check Your Windows

Doors and windows can be vulnerabilities when assessing your alarm system. After you ensure the locks on all exterior doors are okay, head to test the safety of your windows. To do so, lock all windows and ensure they can’t be forced open. If you notice any issues, buy secondary bolts to install. It’s important that you test windows on all floors of your home and not just the first floor. Most burglars prefer first-floor windows, but they can be pretty inventive when looking for ways to access insecure windows on higher floors.

Can you See Your Visitors?

Not being able to see who is at the front door is a significant safety concern. If you can’t see who is there or identify them, it may be a way for criminals to gain entrance to your home. Most front doors come equipped with a peephole. If your front door is missing a peephole, you should have one installed.

The modern tech option is to install a device like a video doorbell camera. This device allows you to monitor your front door 24/7. It can also record HD video when someone approaches the door, and you can view the video in real-time to verify who is there. The doorbell camera also has a two-way audio system that allows you to talk to the person on the other side.

Assess the Exterior of Your Home

The next step in your spring home safety checkup is to walk around the outside of your home. Go on the street and see if your front door is visible, then check to see if your windows are visible. If any bushes or shrubs obscure the view of your doors or windows, consider trimming them.

While walking around your property, check for areas that have poor lighting at night. Dark areas on the side or back of your house can make your home more inviting to criminals. If you do find areas that are poorly lit, consider having exterior lights installed. Motion lights, in particular, are extremely beneficial when it comes to boosting the safety of your home.

Spare Key Management

You have to be extremely cautious when it comes to leaving a spare key out. Remember, criminals, know all of the common areas to check for spare keys. So, no matter how clever you think your hiding spot is, it’s likely a burglar will know to check there.

A smart lock keyless entry system is an excellent alternative to make sure your spare keys don’t get into the wrong hands. Smart locks offer keyless entry that can be locked or unlocked anytime, using your smartphone.  

Inspect Your Security System

An alarm system is an excellent way to help protect your home against criminals. If you have one, it’s important to inspect it each year. Most alarm panels come with a testing feature to allow you to test them and ensure that all of the home security system components are working as they should. If you have cameras with your alarm system, inspect them too to make sure they are aimed at the appropriate place. If you have wireless security system devices that come with your alarm system, make sure all of their components have an adequate battery as well.

Consider Security System Upgrades

While you are inspecting and testing your home security system and features, why not consider making some additional upgrades? You can add a motion detector, upgrade to newer HD cameras, upgrade to a smart alarm system, install some smart locks, and many other upgrades. Smart systems offer you enhanced security along with a full range of features. If you’re unsure what to add or what would work best for your household, contact your security provider for a consultation to come up with an enhanced security plan.

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