Panels: Radionics 2000 Series (2112 and 2212) Keypads: D202, D220, D222, D223

Bypass Zone(s): If a problem exists on any zones, the zone name and problem are shown followed by: OKAY BYPASS STOP. Select BYPASS to bypass the zone(s) before arming.

Smoke Reset: Access the User Menu. When SENSOR RESET? displays, press any Select key. The keypad displays SENSORS OFF for five seconds followed by SENSORS ON. The keypad returns to the status display.

  • Shortcut: Press 2 for 2 seconds, then enter your user code if required, to reset the system.

Chime Mode On/Off: You can use the Monitor (Chime), shortcut key 5, when the system is disarmed. When pressed, the Zone Monitor operation is initiated. As needed, refer to the Zone Monitor section. The keypad displays MONITOR ON and chimes or displays MONITOR OFF and no tone is sounded.

Change Code: Please contact Eagle Security at (530) 345-6395 for code changes.

User Manual: DMP Thinline User Manual