Panels: Power Series 1616, 1832, 1864, and 5010 and Classic 1550 Keypads: 1555, 5500 Series (pictured 5500, 5511, 5516)

Arm: Enter your Code OR press the “Stay” or “Away” button for 2 seconds.

Disarm: Enter your Code

Check Faulted Zones: For the LCD Alpha Keypad press the [>] key to scroll through the open zones.

Bypass Zones: Enter [*][1] + zone number to be bypassed. *Power Series is a double digit zone number (01-32) and the Classic Series is a single digit zone number (1-8).

Smoke Detector Reset: Silence the alarm by pressing the [#] key. (If the smoke detector is not reset the alarm may resound. To Reset from an LED keypad Press [*][7][2]. To reset from an alpha LCD keypad Press [*] to enter the funtion list. Scroll using the arrow (< >) keys to Output Control and press [*]. Scroll to “Command O/P 2” or “Sensor Reset” and press [*] to reset. * If smoke has not cleared, the alarm may resound. Clear the detector of smoke and repeat the sequence to reset.

Chime Mode On/Off: Enter [*] [4] on the LED Keypad. On the LCD Alpha Keypad enter the menu function by pressing [*]. Scroll to the [Door Chime] feature and press [*] again.

Change Code: It is recommended that you contact your security company and make changes under their direction. LED Keypad: [*] [5] + [Master Code] + [User Number 01-32] + [New Code] to add or change a code OR [*] to delete a code. Press [#] to exit the menu. LCD Alpha Keypad: Enter the menu function by pressing [*]. Use the arrow (< >) keys to scroll to [Access Codes], press [*] + [Master Code]. Then scroll to the User Number you would like to alter. Press [*] to select + [New Code] to add or change a code OR [*] to delete a code. Press [#] to exit the menu. *Codes must for four digits. If a code already exists for an user number you have selected, it will be replaced by the new code being entered.

Power Down: Pull one wire off the battery. Then unplug the panel transformer if you know where it is. It is a beige or black box plugged into a nearby power outlet. If you can’t find it, then disconnect the wire on the far left terminal of the terminal strip (the first 2 terminals on the left are AC power).

User Manuals

  • Power Series Manual (1616, 1832, 1864)
  • Power 5010
  • Classic 1500/1550