Top 5 Reasons to Install Home Security Cameras

Over the last decade, technological advancements have helped reduce the cost of home security cameras. Now, they have become a common addition to home security systems. Crime is continuously on the rise, so any extra protection is vital to one’s comfort, and most importantly security. People may choose home security cameras for many different solutions so we have listed the 5 top reasons why homeowners purchase security cameras. With the wide variety of camera systems available on the market today, it can be overwhelming finding the right system for you. Our consultants are trained to determine the best fit for your security camera’s needs. Call us today for a free home security camera consultation.


Security cameras can record a thief breaking into your house which can later be used as evidence for prosecution. But wouldn’t it be nice if you avoided a break in to begin with? Home security cameras are one of the top reasons robbers avoid a home. What thief wants to get caught on video?

2. Parental Supervision

Kids require a lot of supervision. With home security cameras you can monitor your kid’s activity while they’re out playing in the yard, ensuring that you’re always aware of what’s going on. Monitoring your children on your security cameras can help prevent serious accidents or other trouble before things get out of control.

3. Pet Supervision

Like your children, your pets require supervision as well. Are your pets digging in the flowerbeds? When did the house sitter let your dogs out while you were on vacation? Did your dogs use the bathroom? These are all common questions homeowners ask themselves. With security cameras you can easily monitor your pets and their activities.

4. Alarm Verification

Did your alarm go off? If you have a Frase monitored home security system, our monitoring center will notify you, but it is also comforting to check your cameras after an alarm event to see if someone attempted to break in. You can look for suspicious cars parked on your street or driveway after your home security system triggered. Maybe you have an uneasy feeling one late night pulling into your dark driveway. Well, you can have the ability to remotely look at your cameras from your phone to help determine if someone is lurking around your home.

5. Peace of Mind

Our customers tell us that having the ability to view their property any time of the day, at the tip of their fingers, is more comforting than had expected. Whether you’re viewing security cameras for any of the reasons above or just want to check in on the house, adding security cameras gives users a peace of mind that is otherwise hard to find.

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