Virtual Guard Video Monitoring

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Our Proactive Monitoring Technology

Our proactive monitoring technology intuitively filters out nuisance alarms, saving valuable resources from responding to non-emergencies. Within seconds, threats are presented to our trained intervention specialists who provide a live audio warning and continued real-time audio and visual assistance to the authorities. Netwatch Proactive Video Monitoring Features include:

  • 24/7 continuous intelligent monitoring
  • Real-time detection and intervention
  • Fast response times
  • Live audio warnings
  • Preventative response
  • Customized customer protocols

Preventing Crime Before It Happens

Virtual Guard Proactive Video Monitoring is a new, disruptive go-to-market proactive security solution with dozens of site applications from auto dealerships to warehousing and logistics to municipal properties to outdoor commercial storage and more. Virtual Guard Proactive Video Monitoring provides a greatly enhanced user experience with reduced false alarms, increased awareness, and proactive rather than reactive security. With over 65,000 crimes prevented to date worldwide, our solution is trusted and proven to create a fearless environment for your employees and customers.