What Every Business Owner Should Know About Store Security Cameras

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Understanding Store Security Cameras

What do you think of when you imagine a store security system? Do images of grainy images and boxy, cumbersome cameras come to mind? If so, you’re in for a big surprise. Security cameras have long been used in businesses, but recent advancements in technology have made them more effective and user-friendly than ever before. 

So what should every owner know about store security cameras? Let’s review specific ways you can use security cameras to ensure the safety for your business. 

The Advantages of Store Security Cameras

The United States retail industry loses over $45B to inventory shrinkage each year. Theft is a big reason for inventory going “missing,” whether it’s done by customers or employees. Security cameras are an excellent deterrent to theft and a means of documenting any criminal activity in your store. 

The following are some of the biggest benefits to store security:

  • Prevent criminal activity: Shoplifters and other criminals are much less likely to try to steal from your business if they risk being captured on video. The simple presence of a visible camera is a big deterrent!
  • Prevent theft by employees: Keep an eye on your employee behavior to make sure they aren’t taking from your business.  
  • Boost productivity: Keep tabs on employee productivity. Look for ways to raise engagement and address issues before they turn into problems. 
  • Gain insight into your operations: Monitoring your store gives you a valuable look at your customer behavior. By studying factors such as foot traffic in various areas of your store, you can strategically place your merchandise in front of your clients. 

Security Cameras Aren’t Just for the Inside of Your Store

It’s important to think about securing the entire perimeter around your store, not just the inside. While you may think of the interior of your store as containing the most valuable merchandise and money, there are still serious threats to your business that can take place outside or in the parking lot area. 

Depending on your unique physical location, you’ll need to select a camera that has suitable capabilities. The good news is, whether you have a relatively small storefront or a wide parking lot area, there’s a security camera out there with the right capabilities to match your needs. You also want to consider cameras with night-vision abilities for 24-hour protection. 

Outdoor Store Security Camera Require Certain Features

Areas like parking lots are frequently places of higher crime incidents. A high-quality outdoor security camera will help protect your customers as well as your employees against criminals and theft, and provide valuable documentation and proof in case of a criminal incident. 

Outdoor cameras should have a wide enough range and capacity to cover the entirety of your parking lot both in day and night. Specifically, look for cameras that can pan and tilt without creating blind spots, and those that can produce high-quality footage in low light. That way you can ensure that the footage is useful in the event of a crime.  

Indoor Store Security Cameras Require Strategic Placement

Since most of the action and business happens inside of your store, a security camera is a great way to keep an eye on your business and merchandise. It’s no secret that both dishonest employees and customers can wreak havoc on your business and its finances. In fact, a lack of proper security can put a serious dent in your bottom line. A comprehensive security camera system can help you oversee hard-to-view areas in your store while keeping your employees honest and accountable.   

Again, it’s important that cameras are placed strategically to avoid any blind spots. There are also certain areas, such as the cash register, isles and employee-only spaces, that we especially recommend monitoring. 

Why not keep an eye on your business from anywhere? As business owners ourselves, we understand how important smart security is to your bottom line. Our security experts at Frase Protection can help you develop a security plan that fits your needs and budget. Get in touch with us today to get started.