Who’s at the Door?

April 27, 2017

Spring has sprung, and the weather is getting warmer. Soon you can expect to see door-to-door salesmen in your neighborhood offering all kinds of services, including home security. The state of TN has received so many complaints about alarm system door-to-door sales, they’ve actually created laws to regulate it. Check it out:

  • Door-to-door alarm salespeople must carry an identification card issued by the State of TN licensing board, which they present for inspection to the resident.
  • No licensee shall refer to themselves as being from “the alarm company” or “the security company.” They must truthfully and clearly identify themselves by name, their fully registered name, and the purpose of their solicitation without request from the consumer.
  • They must provide to the potential consumer, at no charge, a document or business card listing the licensee’s name, the employer’s name, address, phone number, and license number.

They must not approach or solicit a home/residence at any time where a placard, sign, or any other posting of whatever nature is displayed indicating that the homeowner/residential occupant does not want to be solicited.

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