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In the spring of 1971 Robert A. Frase, Jr., “Robin,” graduated from Christian Brothers College (now CBU) at the top of his class.

At graduation, Robin was a newly licensed Electrical Engineer looking for a job.  Like many college grads of his generation, the Army sent him a draft notice for service in Vietnam.   His notice was delayed and opportunity knocked.

One of Robin’s uncles owned the Amro Music Stores and found himself increasingly frustrated by recent break-ins.  Over a chance conversation, at a family dinner, he asked if Robin could design and install a burglar alarm system that might thwart future break-ins.  Intrigued by the prospect Robin spent all night in a local circuitry shop, designing an alarm system from spare scratch.

The custom-made alarm system successfully alerted the police and they were able to apprehend the burglars.  Robin was hooked.  Other businesses and homeowners wanted what Amro had and Frase Protection Inc was born!

The newly minted Frase team built a loyal client base by installing and monitoring one custom-built security system after another.  Today the Frase team serves thousands of clients in the Memphis area, including our very first client, Amro Music.

In the Memphis area, electronic security is essential for families and businesses.  We are here to serve you and to help keep you and your family safe.

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