4 Benefits of Having a Doorbell Camera

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4 Benefits of Having a Doorbell Camera

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A doorbell camera is the definition of “small but mighty.” Discrete and highly targeted, this camera not only lets you see who’s at the door, but can also give you a peek at who’s approaching your property. From a safety perspective, that’s a win—it’s also a win if you simply want to avoid the door-to-door salesmen who just wont stop “dropping by.”

Some other perks to installing a doorbell camera?

Doorbell Camera Reason #1

You know who’s at the door, without getting off the couch…

Your doorbell rings and you quietly walk to the door and peek out the window to see who’s there. Despite your best efforts, the person on the other side sees—and probably hears—you. Good luck sneaking away from the door after that. Chances are, an unwanted visitor will hang around if they know you’re home.

A doorbell camera can prevents this. Whether you’re in the basement, backyard or at your desk at work, your doorbell camera will send you a quick alert—using your smartphone, you can see who’s outside or who’s approaching. If it’s a welcome arrival you can easily meet them at the door. If not, you can go right back to what you’re doing without attracting any attention.

Doorbell Camera Reason #2

Have a quick conversation before the conversation

Whether you’re home or not, your doorbell camera enables you to have a two-way conversation with the person at the door. Using your smartphone app, simply connect to your camera and start chatting. This is a perfect way to ask who—or what—the person is looking for without opening the door. It’s also a great way to communicate with someone if you aren’t home, but don’t necessarily want to share that info.

A good example? Your landscaper shows up when you aren’t home. Let him know you need him to check out the tree in the backyard, and direct him right to it.

Doorbell Camera Reason #3

Curb “porch pirates”

Unfortunately, porch thefts are all too common. One in four people have been victims of “porch pirates”—and those numbers are even higher for millennials who shop online more than older generations.

The challenge? Packages are delivered from early in the morning until late at night—and chances are, you aren’t home around the clock. Even if you are, many delivery services won't ring the doorbell—they just drop and run to the next delivery.

Regardless, more and more packages are being stolen—and a doorbell camera could be a good solution to help curb the issue. You’ll get an alert when a package is delivered, whether the doorbell rings or the delivery person simply drops and dashes. If someone else approaches your door, you’ll get another alert and can instantly access your camera, see who it is and, if it’s a potential thief, call them out with your two-way talk feature. That, often, is enough to scare off a porch pirate. But if it’s not, you’ll have video of the thief that you can turn over to local police.

Same goes for home invasions and other robberies. Many doorbell cameras have wide angle views, giving you or the local police access to a broader look at the property—and, ideally, the perpetrator. This can help solve robberies quickly and keep your property safe.

Doorbell Camera Reason #4

Track your family coming and going

With doorbell cameras it’s also easy to track your family as they come and go throughout the day. Confirm your teen was dropped off on time after practice, or check in on when they came home last night—and if it was really before curfew. Having this camera in place is a great way to get immediate peace of mind that everyone is where they should be at all times—the ultimate comfort for any parent.


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