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Tired of having your package stolen or lost from your front door or porch? Irritated by the tedious and lengthy process to recover your missing  package and dealing with endless delivery complaints? You are not alone. According to package theft statistics, each year more than 23 million Americans have their packages stolen.

Want to avoid these crimes of opportunity? Check out these smart security safeguards to make sure you get what is coming to you this holiday season:

1. Doorbell camera:
An doorbell camera will send an alert to your smartphone when a delivery person rings the bell. Tap the alert and a video screen will open, showing you the delivery driver with your package.

If you’re nearby, you can quickly pop home to get your package. If you’re not, you can ask a neighbor to go over and pick it up for you. You can also ask the driver to leave the package somewhere specific, such as behind a fence. Or, you could use…

2. Smart lock + doorbell camera:

When your security system features a smart lock as well as a doorbell camera, there’s no need to have a package left outside at all. When the delivery person rings your video doorbell and you’ve verified their identity, you can unlock your front door from the video call screen. Just ask them to leave the package in your hallway and close the door when they’re done. Once you see them leave, you can secure your front door remotely.

3. Crime-fighting video technology:

Should a package thief strike on your front porch, you’ll receive a video alert, with the ability to quickly download the clip and share it with your local police department. You can even post the clip to social media to alert your neighbors.


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J. Philip Wiygul
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